Sell on AladinBay and reach hundreds of AladinBay customers

  • Build a business or sell a few products
  • Sell on AladinBay marketplaces around whole Bangladesh
  • List products in more than 100 categories

If you plan to sell fewer than 50 items a month this is the best option for you.
You will be charged upon your sell.

If you plan to sell more than 50 items a month this is the best option for you.
You will get Unlimited Sales for a monthly Membership Fee.

Steps to Start Selling

Decide what you want to sell

More than 100 product categories are open to all sellers, and at least 10 more are available only to Professional Sellers.

Choose a Selling Plan

Sell just a few items and pay no monthly fee with the Individual plan or choose the Professional subscription for unlimited selling. The Professional selling plan is ideal if you plan to sell more than 50 items per month.

Register and Setup your Account

To start selling, choose the account that fits your goals, and then register online. You’ll be able to set up shipping options, notification preferences, and other account details during registration.

How Selling on AladinBay Works

List your products

You can add your product with ease on AladinBay, just add the quantity, condition, and price for your product and add the product form your Vendor Panel. Professional Sellers can add large batches of item.

Customers can see your products on AladinBay

With many features and simple user friendly site, AladinBay helps customers make quick, easy, worry-free purchases.

Ship products to customers

AladinBay notifies you when customers place an order. Use Fulfillment by AladinBay and let AladinBay do the shipping—or handle shipping yourself.

Get paid

AladinBay deposits payment into your bank account at regular intervals, and then notifies you that your payment has been sent.

Please note: All new Selling on AladinBay subscriptions include access to sell on