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4LZ-1.2 Mini Rice Combine Harvester

Main Features:
1. This machine with combined structure, it is easy to dismounting and cleaning. And it with simple structure, easy to maintenance.
2. Header can adjustable up and down. It is very safe, convenient and quick when up and downhill or transfer at field. Header can rise and fall with a handle, it will make the header close to ground enough and harvest laid crop.
3. Adopting new vibrating screen, sundries will clean out after vibrating screen. It makes grain more clear and few sundries
4. Rubber crawler have a longer service life and have a stronger pass performance at the field.
5. This machine with new type drive platform, it make driver have a wide view and safer when working.


Product Description

4LZ-1.2 Main Technical Parameters

Dimensions(Lx W x H)(mm) 3500x1750x1700
Structure Crawler Type Whole Feeding
Feeding in Speed(kg/s) 1.2
Working Width(m) 1.45
Matching engine model ZS1115 Type Diesel Engine
Matching engine rated power(kW) 16.18
Matching engine rated speed(r/min) 2200
Fuel consumption(kg/hm²) 0.3-0.8
Cutting height(cm) 24-64
Speed(km/h) 1-7
Operators 2 People
Total Weight(kg) 1150
Productivity(ha/hour) 0.07-0.27
Total loss rate ≤3%
Impurities rate ≤1%
Threshed rate ≤1%
Cylinder number 1
Track specification(Pitchx pcs x Width)(mm) 90x38x280


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